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Технические характеристики производителя - iVue, Optovue

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iVue Scanner
OCT Image: 26,000 A-scan/second
Frame Rate: 256 to 1024 A-scan/Frame
Depth Resolution (in tissue): 5.0 μm
Traverse Resolution: 15 μm (retina)

Scan Range
Depth: 2 - 2.3mm (retina)
Scan Beam Wavelength: λ=840 +/- 10nm
Exposure Power at pupil: 750 μW

OCT Fundus Image (En Face)
FOV: 21° (H) x 21° (V)
Minimum Pupil diameter: 2.5mm
External Image (Live IR) FOV: 13mm x 9mm

Patient Interface
Working Distance: 22mm / 15mm
Motorized Focus Range: -15D to +/- 12D

Table Specifications mm (in)
Width (W): 486 (19.1)
Length (L): 874 (34.4)
Height (H): 669-870 (26.3~34.3)

Weight: 36KG (79LB)
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Гейдельбергская система, Optovue, iVue
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