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Технические характеристики производителя - 6Runner, Shoprider

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MODELShoprider 6Runner
Weight Capacity450 pounds
WEIGHT277 pounds
Overall Width 26 in.
Overall Depth36 in.
Back height21 in.
Seat-to-Floor Height(Adjustable): 24 in.,25 in., 26 in.
Ground clearance 2.75 in.
Wheelsize 14 in.
Max. Climbing Angle/Safe Climbing Angle10 percent(6 degree) 
Overall Length42 in. 
Overall Height 49 in. 
Total Unit Weight277 lbs 
Total Unit Weigh233 lbs 
Weight of Heaviest Part82 lbs 
Battery Weight Module 57 Lbs ea
Maximum speed3.1 mph
Battery range 26 miles
Turning radius 37 in.
Battery 12V50Ah x 2 Pcs, 12v75Ah x2 Pcs
Charger Off Board 5 amp
MOTOR 1.34 x 2 hp
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Моторизованное кресло-коляска, Shoprider, 6Runner
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