Подсказки для покупки Patient Scale

  1. Patient scales are designed to measure and display the body weight of patients who cannot stand on a scale or sit in a chair scale.
  2. Some patient scales are designed to weigh prone or supine patients mainly for routine weight checks, while others continuously monitor a patient's weight during procedures in which small changes in body weight are critical, such as hemodialysis, or during fluid maintenance to prevent dehydration or fluid overload.
  3. These hammock scales eliminate the risk of pain or injury that could be incurred by moving these patients.
  4. Drug dosage must be based on body weight, so these hammock scales are used for close monitoring of weight in patients who are comatose, paralyzed, debilitated, or severely burned.
Руководство по покупке медицинского оборудования
Эта электронная книга является обязательной для медицинских учреждений, администраторов больниц или других лиц, так или иначе причастных к покупке медицинского оборудования.
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