Подсказки для покупки Cataract Surgical Unit

  1. The most important considerations are safety and effectiveness.
  2. Another important factor is how comfortable the surgeon is using the system.
  3. Users should be able to operate the units remotely.
  4. The units should possess irrigation, irrigation/aspiration, ultrasound, diathermy, and vitrectomy operational modes.
  5. All hand pieces should weigh less than 5 oz.
  6. The following features are required for the US system hand piece: a piezoelectric transducer that causes the hand-piece tip to vibrate  at a frequency of 25 to 80 kHz, a pulse mode, and made from autoclavable titanium.
  7. It is also recommended that the US hand piece should feel light and comfortable enough  in the surgeon's hand; the response of the foot pedal control should be suitable; the system should deliver the objectives and the US output that the surgeon requires.
  8. The I/A hand piece should be autoclavable with 0.2-0.5 mm port diameters. It should have a peristaltic pump capable of 500 mmHg maximum vacuum, atmospheric vents, and gravity or pump reversal reflux.
  9. The anterior vitrectomy mode should utilize a guillotine type hand piece with variable speed.
  10. The following may come standard with the unit or as options purchased separately: ultrasonic capsulotomy, automated reflux, anterior or posterior vitrectomy, and diathermy capabilities.
  11. Buyers should examine the differences in cost between disposable and reusable I/A tubing, collection devices, and other equipment.
  12. Facilities performing many phacoemulsification procedures must remember that they need to sterilize most of the reusable equipment after every operation.
  13. Before making a purchase facilities should make sure that service support is readily available, and replacement or repair parts are easily identified and quickly obtainable.
  14. Free operation and maintenance training should be offered by the supplier, along with a clear, concise, and comprehensive instruction manual.
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