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Технические характеристики производителя - Point-of-Care CR 360 (POC 360), Kodak

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MODELKodak - Point-of-Care CR 360 (POC 360)
Next-generation CR solution designed to fit the needs of small to medium-sized healthcare facilities and clinics
Provides fast and easy access to quality images at an affordable price
Performs diagnostic imaging functions at the point of patient care with a small footprint
Flexibility and Versatility
Robust, lightweight tabletop system that provides throughput of over 60 plates per hour (14 x 17 cassette), with optional high-resolution scanning modes. Flexibility to choose from five different image looks, you are able to customize your image preferences for different exams
Connectivity and ScalabilityDICOM 3.0 capabilities, integrated with a broad variety of printers, modality equipment, RIS and PACS systems
THROUGHPUTUp to 61 cassettes per hour (14 x 17 in.)
Time to First Image 38 seconds
Grayscale Resolution
ACQUISITION16 bits per pixel
DISPLAY12 bits per pixel
13.2 x 29.5 x 21.9 in.
33.7 x 75 x 55.5 cm
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Система типа CR, Kodak, Point-of-Care CR 360 (POC 360)
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